ADTA Recognition Award Recipients

Begun in 2006 - ADTA Recognition Award recipients are nominated by ADTA members and the Board of Directors to acknowledge outstanding contributions to the profession of dance/movement therapy and to ADTA. Annual Research Award recipients are chosen by the ADTA Research Subcommittee and the Marian Chace Foundation. To nominate someone for an award, click here.



Lifetime Achievement Award: Susan Kleinman

Excellence in Education Award: Sabine Koch

Leader of Tomorrow Award: Ande Welling

Outstanding Achievement Award: Laura Downey Novak

Exceptional Service Award-International: Alicia (Alice) Garfias

Exceptional Service Award-National: Donna Newman-Bluestein

Exceptional Service Award-Local: Pattee Russell-Curry

President's Award: Gloria Farrow




Lifetime Achievement Award: Sharon Chaiklin

Leader of Tomorrow Award: Akiko “Kiki” Nishida

Exceptional Service Award: Patricia Capello

Excellence in Education Award: Nana Koch

Abundance Award: Christine Hopkins

Outstanding Achievement Award: California Chapter of the ADTA

President’s Award: Dr. Harris Chaiklin




Lifetime Achievement Award - Judith Richardson Bunney

Outstanding Achievement Award - Zvika Frank

Excellence in Education Award - Lenore Hervey

Leader of Tomorrow Award - Laura Allen & Michelle Gaudreau

Exceptional Service Award - Meghan Dempsey, Kalila Homann, Amanda Wilkinson




Lifetime Acheivement Award - Elissa Queyquep White

Outstanding Achievement Award - Amber Gray

Excellence in Education Award - Pamela Fairweather & Phyllis Jeswald

Leader of Tomorrow Award - Ty Tedmon-Jones

Exceptional Service Award - Suzy Rossol Matheson

International Panel Service Award - Shoichi Machida, Riitta Parvia, Dr. Maralia Reca, & Jocelyne Vaysse



Lifetime Achievement Award - Dr. Joan Chodorow
President's Award - Stacey Hurst

Outstanding Achievement Award - Susan Kleinman

Excellence in Education Award - Rena Kornblum
Leader of Tomorrow Award - Nancy Tonsy
Exceptional Service Award - Jody Wager
Research Award - Allison Winters, "Emotion, Embodiment, and Mirror Neurons in Dance/Movement Therapy: A Connection Across Disciplines." American Journal of Dance Therapy


Lifetime Achievement Award - Dr. Dianne Dulicai
President’s Award - Dr. Christina Devereaux
Outstanding Achievement Award - Ellen Schelly-Hill

Excellence in Education Award - Naropa Dance/Movement Therapy Program Faculty
Leader of Tomorrow Award - Lora Wilson
Exceptional Service Award - Sheila Gilstein
Research Award - Corinna Brown, "The Importance of Making Art for the Creative Arts Therapist: An Artistic Inquiry." Arts in Psychotherapy


Lifetime Achievement Award - Dr. Miriam Roskin Berger
Outstanding Achievement Award - New York Chapter of ADTA
Excellence in Education Award - Linni Deihl
Leader of Tomorrow Award - David Alan Harris
Exceptional Service Award - Leslie Best
Research Award - David Alan Harris, “Dance/Movement Therapy Approaches to Fostering Resilience and Recovery Among African Adolescent Torture Survivors.” Torture: Journal on Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Prevention of Torture; and Sabine Koch “Specific effects of a single dance intervention on psychiatric patients with depression.”  Arts in Psychotherapy

Lifetime Achievement Award - Dr. Claire Schmais
President’s Award - Sharon Chaiklin

Outstanding Achievement Award - Susan Rizzo Vincent

Excellence in Education Award - Susan Imus

Leader of Tomorrow Award - Shannon Lengerich
Exceptional Service Award - Marylee Hardenbergh & Joan Wittig

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