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Chapters give ADTA members access to events, workshops, contacts, opportunities to network and get involved with dance/movement therapy on the local level. Elect to join a chapter when you sign up to be an ADTA member or anytime thereafter.  Chapters are organized by regions of the US. Chapter Procedural Guidelines


Eastern Region

Central Region

Western Region

Members-at-Large can help connect you to chapters and study groups in your area. 
Contact your regional MAL.

Eastern Region: Naomi Nim ---

Central Region: Crystal Smith ---

Western Region: Amber Gray ---


 Chapter Contacts & Websites


New York                       
Vice President: Deniz Oktay ---
Recording Secretary: Angela Dewall ---     
Corresponding Secretary: Stephanie Gail Ross ---

Treasurer: Jennifer Daniel

Fundraising Chair: Laura Raffa ---

Public Relations Chair: Rene Ortega ---

Program Chair:  Marie McKenna-Aguirre ---

Electronic Communications & IT Chair: Debbie Stone ---

Newsletter Editor: George Jagatic ---


New England                   
President: Leah Brett --- 

Vice President: Judith Ehrman-Shapiro ---

Secretary & Membership: Melanie Johnson --- 

Treasurer: Sivan Rose Elefson --- 

Student Representative:  Julia Vishnepolsky ---



Chairperson: Meghan Dempsey ---

Program Committee: Sara Rubinstein ---

Public Relations/Membership Coordinator: Kristine Winner---

Treasurer: Catherine Davidson ---

Secretary: Jesse Smith ---

Newsletter Editor: Kathy Wallens ---

Elections Coordinator: Mimi Moyer --- 

Government Affairs: Eve Hanan and Naomi Nim ---




President: Angela Tatum Fairfax --- (Interim)       

Vice President: Angela Tatum Fairfax ---

Secretary: Dawn Morningstar ---

Treasurer: Jacelyn Biondo ---

Government Affairs: Beth McNamara ---

Programming: Jill Comins ---

Nomination Committee: Amberlee Venti --- and Melissa Nezda ---


New Jersey

Co-President: Sue Orkand --

Co-President:  Anat Ziv ---

Treasurer: Brandi Reinhard ---

Government Affairs Committee Chairperson: Kristin Pollock ---

Public Relations Committee Chairperson:  Katherine Cameron ---

Newsletter Editor: Anat Ziv ---

Newsletter Assistant: Laurie Beth Ludmer --

Secretary: Naomi Arad Broome ---

NJADTA Chapter:



President: Angela Wiley ---

Vice President: Virginia Hill ---

Secretary: Rayni Collins --- 

Treasurer: Rayni Collins ---


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President: Patricia Lucas ---

Secretary: Michael Gardos-Reid ---

Treasurer: Paul Sevett ---



President: Heidi McCardell-Wentworth -

Vice President: Wei-Chiung Chen -

Secretary: Sondra H. Malling ---

Treasurer: Sara Ogawa ---




President:  Vonie Stillson --

Vice President:  Amy Jacques --

Secretary:  Lauren Higgins --

Treasurer:  Charne Furcron --


President: Lea N. Comte ---

Secretary: Mikael Lovkvist ---

Treasurer: Suzy Matheason ---


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President: Jennifer Edwards ---

Vice President: Stefanie Endler ---

Secretary: Bess Eiermann ---

Treasurer: Anna O'Connell ---

Northern CA Programming Chair: Norlyn Asprec ---

Southern CA Programming Chair: Sara R. van Koningsveld -

Government Affairs: Ingrid Thomas ---

Communications Chair: Marybeth Weinstock ---

California Student Representative: Elizabeth Storm ---

Nominating Chair: Hilary Cadwell - turtle.wings@comcastnet


Rocky Mountain (Colorado)

President: Melissa Walker ---

Vice President: Melisa Sanzone -

Secretary: Alicia Patterson -

Treasurer: Lisa Bradley -


Washington State

President: Emily Day ---

Secretary: Allie Bulliman ---

Treasurer: Lenya Treewater ---

Oregon Study Group
President: Carolyn Johnson ---

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