DMTCB has converted its application and filing paperwork to an electronic process in order to modernize our operation, make it easier for professionals to use, and to reduce our carbon footprint. 

New applicants and those credentialed who need to provide updates to DMTCB will utilize both online forms (found under the appropriate DMTCB section), as well as upload materials via the new website's CE Tracker (serving as your professional credential repository and online transcript).    


Like any new process, we are here to assist those who may experience any difficulties or have questions regarding the electronic form process.  Please contact the ADTA National Office at [email protected] or (518) 704-3636. Thank you.

Requirement or additional questions regarding attaining your credential should be sent to the DMTCB  at [email protected]. 

Thank you. 

Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (BC-DMT)

The BC-DMT credential acknowledges the attainment of the advanced, Board Certified level of dance/movement therapy practice. It privileges the practitioner to provide Dance/Movement Therapy through independent practice. For instructions on how to apply, please refer to the BC-DMT Handbook.  

New BC-DMT Requirements of 2,400 Employment Hours

Applicants who are planning to apply under the new BC-DMT requirements of 2,400 employment hours, please use application materials listed here:

2,400 HOUR FAQs
BC-DMT Handbook
BC-DMT Application & Fee
Supervision Hours Verification/Evaluation and Documentation Form
Employment Verification Form
Letter of Recommendation Form

Please read the BC-DMT Handbook to review the new requirements. Any additional questions may be addressed to: [email protected].



Supporting Documentation Forms

ANNUAL CREDENTIAL RENEWAL: Certificants holding the BC-DMT must renew their credential and pay the annual fee through their ADTA Membership Renewal or the Annual Credential Renewal Form.  

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Certificants holding the BC-DMT must complete 100 hours of Continuing Education every 5 years.

RECERTIFICATION: Every 5 years, Certificants are required to recertify. 10% of all DMTs who recertify are randomly selected to be audited.