2020 Virtual Conference Poster Sessions
Emotional Regulation and Narrative Therapy

Getting in Touch with Emotion: The Impact of a Movement-Based
Emotional Self- Regulation Pro
Angela S.L. Leung and Helen Payne

Interoceptive Awareness and Emotion Regulation among Individuals
with Depression and Anxiety: A Baseline Correlation Analysis
Kale, S., Wiebe, S.
Stephanie Kale, [email protected]
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Dance as Therapy: The Healing Power of Body/ Movement Memory
in Dance-Based Narrative Therapy
Yin-Hui Hong & Chieh-Yu Hsu
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Dementia Parkinson's TBI and Props Across All Ages
Dance/Movement Therapy and the Quality of Life for Individuals with
Late Stage Dementia: A Clinical Method
Brianna Berg
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Effects of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) on cognition and balance in
Parkinson’s Disease with emphasis on improvisational dance.
Joanabbey Sack, BC-DMT, RDT, Maura Fisher Pt,Tania Lazuk PhD, R-DMT, Zuzana Sevcikova MA, BC-DMT, RDT
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Props in Dance/Movement Therapy: A Journey of Personal and
Professional Exploration
Disha Sampat
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Embodied warrior wellness: Dance/movement therapy-based mind-body
medicine in an integrative medicine treatment program for military members
with traumatic brain injury
Allison F. Winters Fisher, PhD, BC-DMT, E-RYT
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Identity, inclusion and diversity issues within dance movement therapy

The lived experiences of people of color in Dance/Movement Therapy
graduate programs: A pilot study
Chevon Stewart, BC-DMT, LCSW (she/her/hers)
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Embodied Cultural Adaptation for International Dance Movement 
Psychotherapy Students: A Phenomenological Study
Rashi Trehan
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Moving Men in the Patriarchy: A Feminist Intersectional Inquiry in
Dance Movement Psychotherapy
Sanjini Kedia (she/her/hers)
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