ADTA Chapters

Chapters give ADTA members access to events, workshops, contacts, opportunities to network and get involved with dance/movement therapy on the local level. Elect to join a chapter when you sign up to be an ADTA member or anytime thereafter.  Chapters are organized by regions of the US.

Chapter Procedural Guidelines

Members-at-Large can help connect you to chapters and study groups in your area.

Contact your regional MAL:

Eastern Region:  Rebekka Dieterich-Hartwell — [email protected]

Central Region: Pam Margules[email protected] 

Western Region: Marybeth Weinstock —[email protected]

Chapter Contacts & Websites

Eastern Region

New York

  • President: Rebecca Lermsider
  • Vice-President: Karla Karpowicz
  • Capital District Liason: Pamela Faith Lerman
  • Treasurer: Nicole L.Mulet
  • Multicultural Chair: Namibia Williams
  • Public Relations Chair: Caroline Burek
  • Western/Central NYS Liaison: Cara Bulson Arcuri
  • Recording Secretary: Alana Rock
  • Governmental Affairs Chair: Erin Holmes

New England

Email[email protected]


  • President: Hilary White
  • Treasurer and Membership Coordinator: Liz Freeman 
  • Public Relations Chairperson: Lacie Kmetz
  • Secretary: Rachel Baker
  • Multicultural and Diversity Liaison: Nalini Prakash
  • Program Coordinator: Kristine Purcell
  • Elections Coordinator: Stephanie Hughes
  • Government Affairs Liaison: Veronica Bannon 



New Jersey

Email: [email protected]


Puerto Rico

Email: [email protected]

Central Region


Email[email protected]


  • President: Ashlea Palafox (she/her) 
  • Vice-President: Chih-Hsien Lin (she/her)
  • Secretary: Stephanie Terrell (she/her)
  • Treasurer: Heather MacLaren (she/her)
  • Event Coordinator: Stephanie Kilper (she/her)
  • Multicultural & Diversity Representative: Megz Roberts (they/them) 


Email[email protected]


Email: [email protected]

Western Region


  • President: Julia Rose-Ramo
  • Vice President: Elizabeth Fluck 
  • Secretary: Erin Howe 
  • Treasurer:  Kristen Crow 
  • Communications Chair: Kristen Crowe and Vicki Alvarez
  • Northern CA Programming Chair: Tayne Bergmann and Vicki Hochman
  • Southern CA Programming Chair: Maria Ninos  and Bobbi Mckissick 
  • Government Affairs Chair: Anna O’Connell and Lauren Zampieri
  • Elections Committee Chair:  Megan Shaffer 
  • California Student Representative: Natalie Jacobs 
  • MDC Liaison: Kristen Crowe
  • MAL:  Marybeth Weinstock, [email protected]
  • Past President, Education Committee ChairMalini Nagpal
Email: [email protected]

Rocky Mountain

Email[email protected]


Washington State

Board Members:
  • Nancy Goldov (Co-Director)
  • Elizabeth Hough (Co-Director)
  • Julie Marinucci (Co-Director)
Mission & Bylaws
Chapter email: [email protected]

Oregon Study Group

President: Kendall Hagensen —[email protected]