The mission of the DMTCB is to promote high professional standards of care by ensuring that all credentialled dance/movement therapists have attained and maintained the knowledge and skills required for the professional practice of dance/movement therapy.

The DMTCB is a nine-member board comprised of a Chairperson, Compliance Coordinator, a Public Member plus two, three-member panels: one to evaluate applications for Registry (R-DMT) through the Alternate Route; and one to evaluate portfolio applications for Board Certification.  Each panel includes a member from the Eastern, Central and Western regions of the United States to ensure geographic diversity.

The Dance/Movement Therapy Certification Board:

  • Evaluates and awards professional entry-level registration (R-DMT) and advanced-level board certification (BC-DMT) to DMT applicants.
  • Administers credential recertification for both R-DMTs and BC-DMTs. (Including the assessment of Continuing Education (CE) requirements to promote growth, learning and skilling development.)

The DMTCB is a 501(c)(6) corporation established in 2009. The DMTCB is affiliated with the ADTA but is a separate board whose primary role is the regulation and monitoring of dance/movement therapists’ professional credentials.

  • Requirements and standards for the R-DMT are determined by the ADTA Education Committee.
  • Requirements and standards for the BC-DMT are determined collaboratively by ADTA and DMTCB.

To contact the DMTCB Chair: [email protected]

For credential renewal & recertification contact the DMTCB Compliance Coordinator:  [email protected]
For all other business, contact the office: [email protected]


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