Moving Through to Regenerate: Dance/Movement Therapy

to regrow
to bring into renewed existence
to replace that which has been lost or injured

by way of
from one side to the other
continuing in time toward completion

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2024 ADTA Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois. The ADTA Conference is an annual opportunity for dance/movement therapists to gather as a community to share research, clinical practices, and embodied opportunities for new learning and relationship-building. In the spirit of this year’s theme, the ADTA invites proposal content inspired by contemplation of the nuanced meanings of each word in the conference title. The ADTA Conference Committee welcomes presentations for the 59th Annual Conference that contribute to a collective experience of invigoration, restoration, and renewal. The Conference Committee encourages presenters to offer learning opportunities that honor the wisdom and legacies of the past and integrate insights and questions of the present. Of significant interest are proposals from co-presenters/panels that emphasize the ways through which intergenerational collaboration and communication may create sustainability for the future of dance/movement therapy.

The American Dance Therapy Association is hosting its 59th annual conference October 24-27, 2024 in Chicago, Illinois, on the sacred lands of the Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi Nations.

All proposals must be submitted through this online form. The call for proposals closes 11:59 p.m. EST,  February 15, 2024.

Before You Begin

It is of utmost importance to the success of the ADTA 59th Annual Conference that we avoid presentation cancellations. A great deal of organization goes into running a smooth conference. When presenters withdraw from the conference, it is extremely disruptive to the work of the Conference Committee and to the experience of the Conference attendees.

The ADTA is asking all presenters to commit fully to attending the Conference and to presenting their workshop.

We believe a deposit toward registration, plus a requirement for all presenters to register fully during the Early Bird registration period, is a responsible way to ensure there is minimal chance for presentation cancellations and the disruptions they cause.

Thank you for joining the Conference Committee in this effort.

Deposits and Registration Fees:

Please note that, if your proposal is accepted, each presenter/co-presenter will need to submit a $200 deposit toward their conference registration. This deposit will be credited toward the total conference fee upon registration. Additionally, each presenter/co-presenter must register for the conference before the closing of the Early Bird registration period.

If the requisite deposits have not been received prior to the start of Early Bird registration, the presentation will be removed from the Conference Program. Additionally, if all (co)presenters have not completed registration by the end of Early Bird, the presentation will be removed from the Conference Program.

Registration fees will NOT be refunded if presenter(s) cancel their presentation.

De-Identified Review:

All proposals are reviewed through a de-identified process. A de-identifed (anonymous) review helps to eliminate bias and ensures a fair assessment of the submitted work. In a de-identified review, presenters’ identifying information is removed from the proposal submission.

As you prepare your proposal draft, please ensure that there is no information that identifies the presenter(s) included in any of the following components: Abbreviated Title; Title; Abstract; Description; Learning Objectives.

If any identifying information is included in the aforementioned components, the proposal will be automatically disqualified from consideration without notice.

You may submit multiple proposals for consideration; however, no conference attendee may be a (co)presenter of more than two presentations, with the exception of plenaries. This limit is in place to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Description of presentation = maximum 300 words.
Abstract = maximum 100 words.
Title = there is currently no word limit.
Number of Learning objectives = three.

Click Here to Submit Your Conference Proposal

Deadline to submit is on February 15th at 11:59pm ET.

More Information to Come!

2023-2024 Conference Committee

ADTA Committee Members

Dr. Marica B. Leventhal, Chair, Annual Conference Committee, President Elect: [email protected]
Sara R. van Koningsveld, Public Relations Committee Chair: [email protected]
Melissa Schleicher, Central Region Rep
Molly Arney, ADTA CE Manager: [email protected]

ADTA Office Staff

Annette Suriani, Event & Meeting Planner
Isma Pervaiz, Office Administrator