Marian Chace Foundation Annual Award for Scientific and Educational Journalism

The Marian Chace Foundation was established to further the education, scientific, and historical interests of the dance/movement therapy profession to foster its literature and to nourish its artistic roots. The Marian Chace Foundation encourages growth o the documented body of knowledge in the dance/movement therapy and therefore is offering the following:

Papers prepared for publication according to Journal guidelines may be submitted. These are to be based on theses, dissertations, or research projects required for degree conferral completed within the past five years and may include updated material. Papers should have no more than two authors/ Submissions will be reviewed by the Editorial Board members of the American Journal of Dance Therapy (AJDT). The award carries a $500 honorarium with guaranteed publication in the Journal. 

Submit manuscripts to:

You must include a cover letter stating you are applying for the Marian Chace Foundation Annual Award and listing original title of thesis or dissertation, name of school, and date of degree. 

American Journal of Dance Therapy