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The Multicultural and Diversity Committee (MDC) works to increase multicultural awareness, knowledge, and competency in the organizational structure of the ADTA, its membership community and related academic training, practice, and research areas of dance/movement therapy. MDC works to ensure that existing mono-cultural barriers to diversity and multiculturalism are mitigated. The committee is responsible for developing, communicating, and maintaining inclusive perspectives that respect and recognize all individuals and groups. The MDC promotes the retention of multicultural and diverse professional and student members through outreach Affinity Groups. The MDC produces resources and projects that inform or advise the Board of Directors and the ADTA membership on multicultural perspectives. 


The Multicultural and Diversity Committee (MDC) of the ADTA Affinity Groups (AG) are defined as member and non-member organized and led support groups that are positioned around creating space for people who have been historically underrepresented or experienced systemic oppression. In the ADTA, these groups function under the umbrella of the MDC. AG members do not have to be active members of the ADTA. In 2009, AGs began forming in affiliation with the MDC to serve particular constituencies and to give voice to non-dominant groups within the DMT (Dance/Movement Therapy) community. MDC affinity groups are formed around personal identity dimensions such as race/ethnicity; sexual orientation, gender or religion/spirituality. The exception to this is the MDC allies who, as a function of white privilege, benefit from institutional racism, but choose to actively confront injustice and work to dismantle oppression by supporting people who have experienced systemic oppression. AGs and allies band together to share experiences and work towards addressing cultural responsiveness and shifting the ADTA to become a more inclusive organization. Over the past 10 years our Affinity Groups have grown tremendously . We are honored to share that the MDC currently consists of the following Affinity Groups:

  •  Asian and Asian Pacific Islanders Desi American Affinity Group (AAPIDA)

  •  Black Moving Affinity Group in Community (Magic) Affinity Group (BLACKMAGIC)

  •  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual + Affinity Group (LGBTQIA+)

  •  Native American Affinity Group (NAAG)

  • Spirituality and Religion Affinity Group

Affinity Groups in process of forming:
  • Latinx Affinity Group

  • Disability Advocates Affinity Group


The MDC has been steadfast in our mission to increase multicultural equity through amplifying and supporting the diverse and inclusive voices of our members throughout their work within and beyond the ADTA. We continue to centralize the varying lived experiences of our MDC community as we confront systems of oppression that directly impact our community. In our 10th year, we are excited to see the introduction of the Multicultural Diversity Committee Liaison (MDCL) positions throughout the growing ADTA Chapters. The MDCL serves as a supportive connection/bridge between historically underrepresented ADTA Chapter members to the MDC. Their role in the Chapter is; provide support and connection to Chapter members; engaging, supporting and empowering underrepresented Chapter members to minimize feelings of isolation; creating intergroup solidarity and aid in the recruitment and retention of new underrepresented and culturally diverse members; provide mentorship opportunities in conjunction with Chapter leadership and/or the MDC when appropriate.

Current MDC Chapter Liaisons 

Eastern Region

Central Region

 Western Region
      • California - Kristen Crowe - [email protected]
      • Rocky Mountain - open position
      • Washington State - open position
      • Oregon Study Group - open position


This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the American Dance Therapy Association’s Multicultural and Diversity Committee (MDC). In lieu of the times and the ADTA’s decision to transition to a virtual conference, the MDC decided to consolidate the Annual General Meeting, Shared Space and Intergenerational Lunch into one celebratory event.  To commemorate this formative decade and our growing community, the MDC Shared Space Committee is excited to be hosting the MDC’s first (Virtual) Rose Gold Reception  that will center and celebrate the historical and current work and collaborative community of this multifaceted committee. We look forward to being in community with the larger MDC members, the respective MDC Affinity Group members and non-MDC/non-ADTA members/conference participants who self-identify with the mission and demographic of the MDC as we transform the MDC Annual General Meeting to honor 10 years of diverse and inclusive change leaders and community, both past and present.


The MDC Rose Gold Reception will be held LIVE on Saturday, October 17th 2020 from 12PM - 3PM EST. Pre-registration is required for all participants. We again ask that interested participants review the MDC mission and respect the collective ask of the MDC that this celebratory space be prioritized for MDC Members and persons who self-identify with the MDC mission. Persons who would like to attend this live event but not the ADTA conference can email [email protected] for a ‘non-conference/non-MDC participant’ registration link. Conference participants please be advised that this event will be recorded by MDC leadership for historical archiving. 

MDC Shared Space Curators:
      • Stefanie Belnavis, LMHC, R-DMT
      • Ambria Cunningham, MA, LPC, NCC, R-DM
      • Melody Gamba, MA, R-DMT
MDC Chair:
      •   Dr. Charné Furcron LPC, BC-DMT, NCC, ACS, MAC 
MDC Chair Elect:
      • Ebony Nichols MA, R-DMT, CAT-LP

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