The ADTA Research Award

The ADTA Research Award is presented annually to the author(s) of a published research article selected for recognition by the Research Group of the ADTA Research and Practice Committee. Criteria for selection include: 

  • The article is previously published in a peer reviewed journal within the past year 

  • The article emphasizes Dance/movement therapy is a keyword descriptor 

  • The article will advance the body of knowledge in the field of DMT 

  • The article demonstrates understanding and application of research design and methodology 

Award recipients and their articles will be acknowledged on the ADTA website and presented with the award at the Business Meeting during the annual ADTA conference. 

Previous recipients of the ADTA Research Award:

2019 Rainbow Ho
Ho, R.T.H., Fong, T.C.T., Cham, W.C., & Lam, L.C.W. (2018). Psychophysiological effects of Dance Movement Therapy and physical exercise on older adults with mild dementia: A randomized controlled trial. The Journals of Gerontology Series B Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences.

2018 Kim Dunphy
Dunphy, K. & Hens, T. (2018). Outcome-Focused Dance Movement Therapy Assessment Enhanced by iPad App MARA. Frontiers in Psychology, 29, Oct.

2017 Minjung Shim
Shim, M., Johnson, R.B., Gasson, S., Goodill, S., Jermyn, R. & Bradt, J. (2017). A model of dance/movement therapy for resilience-building in people living with chronic pain. European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 9, 27–40.

2015 Rainbow Ho
Ho, R.T.C., Lo, P.H.Y., & Luk, M.Y. (2015). A good time to dance? A mixed-methods approach of the effects of dance movement therapy for breast cancer patients during and after radiotherapy. Cancer Nursing.

2014 Sabine Koch
Koch, S. (2014). Rhythm is it: effects of dynamic body feedback on affect and attitudes. Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 5.

2010 Blazques, Guillamo, & Javierre
Blazques, A., Guillamo, E., & Javierre, C. (2010). Preliminary experience with dance movement therapy in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 37(4), 285-292.

2009 Allison Winters
Winters, A.F. (2008). Emotion, embodiment, and mirror neurons in dance/movement therapy: A connection across disciplines. American Journal of Dance Therapy, 30(2) 84-105.

2008 Corinna Brown
Brown, C. (2008). The importance of making art for the creative arts therapist: An artistic inquiry. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 35(3), 201-208.

2007 David Alan Harris; Sabine Koch
Harris, D.A. (2007). Dance/movement therapy approaches to fostering resilience and recovery among African adolescent torture survivors. Torture, 17(2), 134-155.

Koch, S., Morlinghaus, K., & Fuchs, T. (2007). The joy dance. Specific effects of a single dance intervention on psychiatric patients with depression. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 34, 340-349.

*Award not given in 2011,2012, 2013, 2016, 2020